Business Intelligence isn’t Funny

I can’t make business intelligence funny. For that matter, data architecture, data mining, and software development. I don’t know how to write about them and make the words catchy or clever. I tried, but I also couldn’t make them come off mysterious, scary, or thrilling. It stopped me from writing sooner, thinking it wouldn’t be interesting. I wanted my writing to have a voice.

I’m writing anyway. I’m no different than other people who do the work I do. To keep up with the ever changing fields of business intelligence, data architecture, software development, and technology in general, I read a number of blogs and articles. Some I read sparingly, but there are a few I keep up with regularly. I like SQL Server Central and enjoy reading what Steve Jones has to say every day, even when it’s not directly related to my work. Chris Adamson has very good, practical advice when it comes to data warehouse design. Glenn Berry is a great source for SQL Server performance and tuning. There many more that are worthy, but time and work get in the way, so I read them once a week, once a month, or just once.

So why write a blog? I run across problems, issues and solutions that I don’t see others writing about. It’s that simple. It makes me think I have something to contribute. As I’ve worked several challenging projects over the last few years, at least once a week I think to myself ‘That’s something I can write about that will help other data architects avoid the same problem!’ I know I’m not the only one who runs into these problems.

I’ve had numerous titles for blog posts running through my head for a long time. I’ll post on Estimating Data Warehouse Development, Authentic Consulting, Modeling Complex Measures, Data Architecture for Multiple Uses, Integrative Data Mining and more. I really want to write about several articles with a title like The Business Process Data Warehouse. It’s been where I’ve spent a lot of my time the last couple of years.

I might not make you laugh, but I hope I can make business a little more intelligent for you.

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