SQL Saturday in Huntington Beach, CA

I had a great time speaking and attending the sessions at 1st ever SQL Saturday held in Southern California this Saturday, April 24th.  I met a lot of talented and prominent people in the SoCal SQL Server community, including Andrew Karcher, Denny Cherry, Jen Underwood, Nitin Salgar, Mark Rosenberg and Thomas Mueller.  I especially enjoyed Kevin Stephenson’s of MySpace excellent presentation on locking, blocking, deadlocks and isolation levels.  Kevin moved relentlessly through the subject revealing key point after key point, exactly what I want in a 1 hour session.  If you want to learn  more about locking and blocking and get a chance to hear him at a future session, I highly recommend him.
I spoke on Data Mining with Analysis Services and was happy to have a large turnout and excellent feedback for the session.  I hope I was able to make Data Mining a part of future implementations for the people in attendance.  Click on this link to view my slide deck:
Thank you to Andrew Karcher and Marlon Ribunal for doing a fantastic job organizing the event.  I hope our paths cross again in the very near future.

2 responses

  1. Thanks Carlos for presenting! I haven't got the chance to talk with you but I will try to catch you next time. We also thank Mark Rosenberg (@m_rosenberg) & Bret Stateham (@BStateham) for keeping the after event raffle organized.-@MarlonRibunal

  2. Nice having you presenting in Socal

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