SQL Saturday #52 in Denver

SQL Saturday has become a happening event and SQL Saturday #52 in Denver was no different.  Very well organized, good sponsors, excellent speakers.  I’ve been to three of them this year and I could say the same about each one.  There is a certain vibe at the events that I really enjoy, a type of sharing and discussion among professionals that many of us take pleasure in but don’t get to do enough.  It seems that when we are together on a Saturday, away from work and without the expectations that come from making a major financial outlay, we allow ourselves to experience the parts we like best about our business.  For most of us, our work is still a challenging mental exercise.  These events let our minds explore and allow us to theorize and hypothesize about the best way to implement a BI solution, or how to make SQL Server perform better, or what the best way to code T-SQL is.

If you haven’t attended one of these, do yourself a favor and take one Saturday out of the year to attend one in your area.  You don’t have to be a DBA to benefit either.  The people and sessions are far-reaching and cover anything from managing your career to predicting the future with data mining.

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