SQL Saturday #53 – Kansas City Recap

SQL Saturday #53 in Kansas city was unique.  Held in an old casino, I felt right at home considering my Las Vegas upbringing.  The speakers dinner was at a Kansas City Royals baseball game.  Lunch was appropriately the world famous BBQ of Kansas City.   The organizers tirelessly ensured that everything happened as it should.

The highlights of the weekend for me included:
1. Informative presentations by a diverse group of speakers. Karen Lopez had a unique interactive style which made me think there should be more like hers.
2. No demo failures, by me (yay!) or the sessions I attended.
3. Being a part of the Colorado contingent that attended.
4. Great conversation with Steve and Arie Jones, Bill Graziano, Brett, Kris, Katie, Andrew, Jason and so many others.
5. Hitting up 3 of KC’s renowned BBQ joints – Jack Stack, Oklahoma Joe’s and Arthur Bryant.
6. An elevator ride at my hotel with 2 of the umpires from the Royals-Rays baseball game.
7. Meeting the leaders of Startup Weekend from all over the world who had their annual meeting at my hotel.
8. Visiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum.

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