No good reason not to be at SQL Rally

As the deadline for attending SQL Rally at a discount approaches, I see a lot of reminders urging people to register for the event.  There are a lot of good reasons to go, including excellent pre-con seminars, a wide assortment of top speakers and sessions covering every part of SQL Server.  For a half-week conference SQL Rally does a great job of covering every aspect of SQL Server and more.

Are there any good reasons for you not to go?  Strategies for dealing with objections such as work schedules, cost, and difficult bosses have all been addressed and should be easy for you to handle.  You may have other concerns, but the following assurances should ease your mind:

– Even though the conference is across the highway from Disneyworld, Mickey Mouse won’t be speaking at any of your sessions.  His talk on ‘Relational Database Design Concepts’ didn’t get enough votes.

– No age discrimination.  Florida has relaxed its laws and will allow you into the State without a passport even if you are under 65.

– You won’t be forced to dance the Rumba.  That only happens in Miami (we know DBAs hate to dance).

– George W. Bush and Al Gore do not and have never resided in Florida.

– The alligators are not allowed to roam free in Orlando.

I hope this helps overcome any fears you have and gets you on your way to SQL Rally.  After a full day of meetings, it’s been a good way to help me unwind on a Friday afternoon.

And remember to follow SQL Rally on Twitter using hashtag: #sqlrally


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