I’m speaking at the PASS Summit 2011

I was really happy to hear today that I will be speaking at the PASS Summit this year in October.  It’s an honor to be selected among all the great speakers and sessions that this conference puts together.

The session I will be presenting is titled See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytics.  It will be a demonstration of how to do some cool stuff with SQL Server Reporting Services by incorporating Analysis Services data mining models as data sources to display predictive results, future trends, and advanced groupings.  It’s a 200-level session but it’s really for people with intermediate to advanced reporting skills and with beginner knowledge of data mining.

See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytics

Expand the value of your Business Intelligence infrastructure by delivering powerful forecasts and predictions using SQL Server Reporting Services visual capabilities. Using proven predictive models that forecast future buying patterns, foster care placement success, or customer income and net worth, you will see how to create appealing charts, graphs and maps that allow business users to include predictive analytics in their decision making process. In this session, Carlos Bossy will show you how to combine the visual features of SQL Server Reporting Services with the power of Data Mining and Analysis Services to take your organization’s BI competency to the next level.


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