Measuring your BI Maturity

How would measure your organization’s business intelligence maturity?

For most organizations, their business intelligence is not leading edge, for others it’s getting there.  When I talk to BI analysts and developers it’s apparent that BI is very different from place to place.  There are some organizations that don’t have an organized BI effort yet or are barely getting it off the ground.  A good framework can contain several components that make up the full set of essential BI functions and features.  In general, these components aren’t dependent on each other so they don’t have to put in place in any particular order, but typically they are supported by an underlying data warehouse and a certain amount of data integration.

How many of the following are in place at your company?

  • Accurate and Consistent Reports
  • Ad-hoc reports by non-Reports Developers
  • Defined Metrics
  • Scorecards/Dashboards
  • Ad-hoc Analysis
  • Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

I still work with clients who have not achieved any of these on an enterprise level, although they may exist on a departmental or team basis.  The most common successful BI implementations include Accurate and Consistent Reports, Defined Metrics and Scorecard/Dashboards.  Ad-hoc reports and analysis are still not widely available at the enterprise level (being more difficult to implement), and few organizations employ predictive analytics beyond individual efforts.

A Reasonable BI Project

If you’re still trying to make BI work at your company, focus on delivering reports, metrics, scorecards and dashboards.  Not only are they attainable in an initial deployment, but they allow you to build a framework you can grow with.

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