From SQL Saturday 64 to 94

I worked on my presentation and finalized my travel plans for SQL Saturday #94 in Salt Lake City this weekend.  I’m looking forward to heading a short distance west to our neighboring state of Utah and spending time with other SQL Server professionals, as well as presenting my session See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytics.  This session will show people how to use the newer features of Reporting Services to display the results of predictive models built using the data mining algorithms of Analysis Services.  It’s a shorter and simpler version of the same presentation I will do at the PASS Summit in October.

As I write this, it feels like I just I just came back from SQL Saturday #64 in Baton Rouge that was held on August 6.  I didn’t even write a recap of the event like I normally do because the last several weeks have been so busy.  It was an excellent event that was held on the Louisiana State University campus.  Speaking there made me feel like a real professor!  I presented two sessions, Business Intelligence for Managers/Decision Makers and Tuning a Star Schema for High Performance.  The former session drew a large group but had little interaction, while the latter session had a small group but a lot of interaction during the session.  I want to thank all of the organizers and volunteers who treated us so well with their famous southern hospitality.

I’m looking forward another SQL Saturday as this has become a regular event for me.  I’ve been to a dozen or so and I’ve had a great experience at each one.  I believe that because they are held on Saturday (a day off work)  in a cozy venue is one reason because people are relaxed, but it also seems to me that these events attract more people that are either new to SQL Server or beginner level.  Meeting and working with people like this who take a weekend day to work on their technical skills and knowledge is very satisfying and enjoyable.

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