SQL Saturday #94 – Salt Lake City

I’ve been too busy to post lately and now SQL Saturday #92 in Portland, OR is upon us.  Since I didn’t recap SQL Saturday #94 in Salt Lake City on September 10 and thank everyone, I’m going to take this opportunity to do so before the event in the rose city this weekend.  The gathering in Salt Lake was one of the smaller SQL Saturdays I’ve attended, but that has its advantages because the sessions allow for a much more intimate setting and better interaction among participants.  I had 15 people attend the preview of my PASS Summit session See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytics and I feel like I got to know everyone who was there.  I got to spend a time talking to interesting people like Paul Turley, the Reporting Services author, who I had met before but this time had the chance to get to know personally.  A very gracious than you goes to the organizers, especially Pat Wright, Tjay Belt, and all the others who worked hard to make it happen.

What made this SQL Saturday special was the presence of the continuing participation of the Colorado community that has been so active in these type of gatherings.  People that have become good friends volunteered their time as speakers including Marc Beacom, Jason Horner, Chris Shaw, Mike Fal, and Gabriel Villa.  It’s been a blast to be part of this group and I look forward to many more.  And if you haven’t been to a SQL Server event, your missing out.  There is something unique  about this community and you have to just see for yourself.

Now on to Portland…

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