SQL Saturday #104 Rips and Shreds

SQL Saturday #104 took place this weekend and was four times bigger than last year.  This shows the type of effort the organizers put into creating a great event (it also showed on their tired faces).  Held in picturesque Colorado Springs, this SQL Saturday has one of the more unique venues in that it’s held at a ‘fun center’ that has parties and games for children (and youthful adults).  At times you think you might see a magician or a clown in the ‘Top 10 SQL Blunders’ session.

Many thanks have to go to Chris Shaw (T | B) and Jeremy Lowell (B) who put in countless hours to make the event so successful.  They brought in excellent sponsors, put together an all-star lineup of speakers, had good prizes, good food, and numerous activities including a ski trip.  Other tireless volunteers included Gabriel Villa (B|T), Andrew Dykstra (T), Rebecca Mitchell (B|T) and several others.

My Session

My session on Columnstore Indexes was well attended, had good audience participation and great questions.  Thanks to everyone who came.  I hope I was able to help you take a small step in getting ready for the coming of SQL Server 2012.

The People

My favorite part?  Talking to people.  There’s nothing better to get your juices flowing and head spinning than having spirited discussions on tech and non-tech subjects with Bill Pearson (T), Jim Murphy (B|T), Jeff Renz (T), Jason Horner (B|T) and so many others.

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