SQL Saturday #109 – Silicon Valley Coming Up

The next SQL Saturday, number 109, is coming up this weekend in Mountain View, CA.  I’ve spoken at and attended 15 of these events and I want to tell you why you should attend too.

Everything Changes

SQL Server is a broad and deep product.  It’s difficult to be an expert in every feature of the product, and it’s also going through a major release.  And everything else is changing.  I’ve been at the Strata conference this week and it’s very clear that SQL Server professionals will continue to be in a changing and evolving environment for the rest of their working lives.  The work there is to do in analytics, visualization, real-time data, automated processing, and new technologies is huge with no end in sight.  The constant studying, learning, and re-learning that we do in this business will only get bigger.

Attending a SQL Saturday event is one really good way to stay on top of things.  You’ll get targeted sessions on SQL Server from top speakers on Performance, Business Intelligence, Administration, and much more.  And it’s free!

My Session

If you decide to come to the event, find me and say hello.  I’m presenting the session Using Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012 so it’s a good way to find out about an important new feature in SQL Server.  Colomnstore Indexes will be a key consideration for you when developing a data warehouse architecture and I’ll show some good demos that explain why.

See you Saturday!

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