Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Colorado Springs SQL Server UG and more this Week

Things haven’t slowed down for me since I got back from SQL Rally last week.  I haven’t even gotten a chance to write a recap yet, and here’s one of the reasons why; I have 3 more events coming up this week.

Colorado Springs SQL Users Group

I’m presenting Fast-track to BI Analytics with SQL Server 2012 at the Colorado Springs SQL Server Users Group meeting tonight.  I haven’t spoken in the Springs for the users group in almost 4 years, but I have done sessions for their SQL Saturday events, so it’ll be great to be down there again.

Denver SQL Users Group

On Thursday night, May 17, I’m participating on a panel put together by Doug Lane in his presentation for the Denver Users Group.  His session is titled What To Do When It’s Just You and we will be discussing issues like training, automation, problem solving, and burnout for solo DBAs.

Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta

This Saturday, May 19, if the return of the Trifecta in downtown Denver on the Metro State campus.  This event is more than just SQL Server as it brings together speakers on Sharepoint and .NET also.  I’m going to be speaking there also and will present the following sessions:

Data Modeling and Analysis with Tabular Models

Fast-track to BI Analytics with SQL Server 2012

Women in Technology at SQL Rally

For the inaugural SQL Rally in Florida last year I wrote a blog post urging men to attend the Women in Technology (WIT) luncheon. I wanted to express my opinon that it wasn’t for women only and that it was important for men to be part of the discussion about the issues women face in the tech world. Today at SQL Rally in Dallas there is a WIT session and the  post I wrote last year, Why the Women in Technology thing matters…to Men, still applies. Read it to learn why it’s important for you to participate in the conversation.

The panel will discuss the topic When and How to Negotiate which should draw a lot of interesting comments and feedback. I’ll see you there!

Getting the most out of SQL Rally

I’m headed to Dallas for SQL Rally this afternoon from Colorado and I’m really looking forward to it, not just because I’m going to present a session on Columnstore Indexing, but because of everything else I get to do.  I’m one of those people who over the years has had to learn how to attend a conference and get as much out of it as possible, and I think I’ve finally got it down.

Little Sleep, No TV

Even though I’ll be there a little more than 48 hours, my schedule is already packed.  I’m going to the speaker reception tonight, the social networking over coffee Friday morning, I’ll stop by the karaoke Thursday night (but not sing), and I’ll make sure and be at the Women in Technology luncheon.  I even volunteered to be a room monitor for a few sessions on Thursday to help out in other ways (although the last time I monitored a session the demo crashed, so I hope that’s not an omen).  I’m sure I’ll do even more than this as impromptu get togethers will take place while I’m there, so I’ll meet someone for breakfast Thursday morning or make plans in the hall for dinner.  And of course, I’ll be attending a bunch of sessions in addition to presenting.  That’s a lot for a couple of days, but that’s how I’m going to get the most out of SQL Rally.  I’m not planning on getting a lot of sleep or watching TV in my hotel room.

Welcome to Columnstores

Columnstore indexing is one of the new features provided by SQL Server 2012 that make it easier to break through the barriers of BI adoption for you.  It’s a simple but powerful data structure that requires planning and special considerations.  I hope to see you at my session where I’ll provide a thorough breakdown of Columnstore indexing and the best ways to use it in your own BI environment.