SQL Saturday #125 – Oklahoma City

There’s another opportunity this weekend in Oklahoma City to get a day of free SQL Server training delivered by many of the top people in the business.  The 4 tracks at SQL Saturday 125 are jam-packed with so many good sessions that the only problem you might have is choosing which ones to attend.  I personally have that problem, since I was really hoping to see John Sterrett’s session Performance Tuning for Pirates, but he’s speaking at the same time I am.  He did a great job when he did that session for the Performance Virtual Chapter that I volunteer for.

I’m presenting a session called Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting Solutions at 9:45.  It’s a session I’ve done several times before, and it’s also a preview of one of the sessions I’m doing at the PASS Summit this year.  The presentation has evolved in a way I didn’t expect when I first started doing it.  In less than one hour, I go through the steps to setup a real-time data warehouse and actually get it running.  I’ve been surprised at how excited people get when they seem me do this, almost as if I’ve done something magical or impossible.  If you’re attending SQL Saturday on August 25, I invite you to come see how it’s done without any tricks or sleight of hand.

Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting Solutions

In this demo-rich session, we will explore database and ETL architectures that let you smoothly move data from your application databases across the enterprise in real-time to your data warehouse. You will see how to use SQL Server features such as replication, Change Data Capture, SSIS, and other techniques to extract, transform, and load data fast and dependably. We will develop an actual sample system during the session and discuss and walk through alternative real-time architectures, including the use of Data Vault methodologies. We will then see how to use Reporting Services and Power View to present data with a minimum amount of latency.

2 responses

  1. Hi Carlos. I attended your session at SqlSaturday in OKC and thought it was very interesting. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to keep real time data in a cube?

    1. Hi Natalie,

      I sent you an email with a more detailed response, but for readers of the blog I suggest that the first thing to do for real-time cubes is to look into proactive caching. I’ll try to write a more detailed post on this in the near future.

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