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24 Hours of PASS BA Edition

As a preview to the PASS Business Analytics conference in San Jose this May, a full day of webinars is being held today called 24 Hours of PASS BA Edition. The webinar speakers are all presenting at the BA conference, and I’m scheduled to present tonight at 8pm MT (3am GMT). The session I’m doing is ‘An Introduction to Predictive Modeling’ and is intended for people who have worked with data and business intelligence but haven’t been exposed to predictive analytics.  The session will introduce you to some of the terms, concepts and ideas in this growing area so you can start moving you and your company in that direction.

As is usually the case, I think I have too much material for a 45-50 minute session and I probably won’t be able to get through my churn demo, so  I’ll briefly mention it.  I’m also going to talk about hiring decisions and how to build a model for that difficult process.  You can use the churn data as a self-teaching exercise by downloading the Excel file below, and I also included a link to the employment data for your own use.

Employment Data

Churn Data File

If you attended, thanks for being at my 24 Hours of Pass session.  I hope to see you in San Jose in May.