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What to expect in a day of Predictive Analytics

SQL Saturday is coming this weekend in Baton Rouge, LA and I’m presenting a full day pre-con on Friday on Predictive Analytics.  It’s a full day deep dive on how to start using Predictive Analytics in your organization, and ideal for people who are brand new to the field.

What should you expect in a full day session like this, besides singing, dancing and a few jokes?

To give you an idea as to what’s covered, here’s an outline of the agenda for the day.  I hope you can make it, and there is still time to register by clicking on this link:

Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise

Early Morning

  • Predictive Modeling Overview
  • SQL Server Data Mining, Analysis Service and Excel
  • Predictive Model by Class

Late Morning

  • Case Studies
  • Tools and Algorithms
  • Demo\Lab 1 – Develop Hiring Model

After Lunch

  • Use Models with DMX – C#, SSIS, SSRS
  • Demo\Lab 2 – Develop College Model

Mid Afternoon

  • Demo – Neural Network Code
  • Exercise 1 – Develop Churn Model
  • Demo 3 – Discuss alternative tools such as R, WEKA, RapidMiner

Late Afternoon

  • Deployment and Monitoring
  • Exercise 2 – Develop Movie Recommendation Model
  • Exercise 3 – Develop Stock Price Prediction Model

Predictive Analytics Pre-con at SQL Saturday #324 in Baton Rouge

I’m presenting a full day pre-con on Friday, August 1 in Baton Rouge, LA on titled Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise and there is still time to register!  You may have heard about predictive analytics and are wondering what it is all about, and this session will answer all your questions.  But it will also get you thinking about what you could be doing with your data, and it will get the juices in your brain flowing about the amazing things that can be done with predictive modeling.  People that come to this session usually leave excited and are hungry to try out the new concepts they just learned.

In the session, I’ll show you how to start and be successful with a predictive modeling project in your organization.  I’ll provide an overview of predictive analytics, discuss the concepts and ideas behind the subject, use case studies to review successful projects I’ve worked on, and demonstrate how predictive models are built.   I’ll also have a number of labs for the class to use as exercises so you can leave the session having built your own predictive models.  To participate, bring your laptop or plan to share with someone.  I have a lot of material to go through in just one day.

In addition to my pre-con, Ryan Adams will also be doing a pre-con the same day and location called A Day of High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

Also, don’t forget Saturday, a full day of free training.  It’s always top-notch gathering of SQL Professionals and I expect it to be this year also.

Click here to register:  Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise

Mile High Tech Con and Predictive Analytics

This is the week for something new – Mile High Tech Con.  The inaugural event conceived by Marc Beacom is being held this week from July 24-26 at the Auraria Campus in Denver, CO.  It’s a new conference with a unique format.  A day of all-day sessions on Thursday, another day of 90-120 minute deep dive sessions on Friday, and a free day of 60 minute sessions on Saturday.  All sessions are delivered by experienced speakers who travel the country sharing  their technical expertise..

On Thursday the 24th I’ll be presenting  Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise.  It’s a full day session targeted at people new to Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, and learning how to get more value from data using sophisticated algorithms.  We will cover concepts, terminology, development and deployment of predictive models, with a heavy dose of demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

This topic always opens people’s minds and gets the juices flowing in their heads with new ideas, so make sure you get to the session is you’ve been wanting to find out what Predictive Analytics is all about.  There is still time to register and get some BI training.

And if you’re interested in another area of BI, there  are many other great sessions and speakers at Mile High Tech Con.  Check it out!