Mile High Tech Con and Predictive Analytics

This is the week for something new – Mile High Tech Con.  The inaugural event conceived by Marc Beacom is being held this week from July 24-26 at the Auraria Campus in Denver, CO.  It’s a new conference with a unique format.  A day of all-day sessions on Thursday, another day of 90-120 minute deep dive sessions on Friday, and a free day of 60 minute sessions on Saturday.  All sessions are delivered by experienced speakers who travel the country sharing  their technical expertise..

On Thursday the 24th I’ll be presenting  Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise.  It’s a full day session targeted at people new to Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, and learning how to get more value from data using sophisticated algorithms.  We will cover concepts, terminology, development and deployment of predictive models, with a heavy dose of demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

This topic always opens people’s minds and gets the juices flowing in their heads with new ideas, so make sure you get to the session is you’ve been wanting to find out what Predictive Analytics is all about.  There is still time to register and get some BI training.

And if you’re interested in another area of BI, there  are many other great sessions and speakers at Mile High Tech Con.  Check it out!


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