Carlos Bossy is a MCTS SQL Server 2008 BI Consultant and Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP) with 25 years of experience in software and database development. Carlos is an independent consultant and focuses on developing Business Intelligence solutions including data warehouses, predictive analytics, data integration and reporting. He has been working with SQL Server for 10 years and is very enthusiastic about its powerful features. Carlos has developed warehouses and BI solutions for a variety of industries and state agencies.

4 responses

  1. Hi Carlos..
    Nice Presenation on Data Mining Life cycle.It Gives me great insight to start on.
    As you are intended to Data Mining Integration with .NET Application. Can we
    display Data mining models in our Web Application. For e.g. Time Series Graphical Predications.
    Thanks and congratulations ….

    1. Thank you for the feedback Vineet. Yes you can display the output of a time series model in your web application. I can help you if you give me more information.

  2. Hi Carlos,
    Your presentation on big data at SQL Saturday in SF Bay Area was one of the best that I’ve seen. It provided a very clear and detail overview of big data and areas one would need to study to transition into that area of technology.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I really appreciate the feedback and kind words!

      I’m doing the presentation on big data again this Saturday in Phoenix, so I hope people there like it too.

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