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SQL Saturday #165 – Lincoln, NE

SQL Saturday descends upon Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend and it’s another good chance to get a day of free SQL Server training delivered by many of the top people in the business.  A total of 6 tracks at SQL Saturday #165 covering every part of SQL Server will be enough to get you up to speed on whatever topic you’re interested in.  It’s going to be held on the University of Nebraska campus and it’s one of the reasons I submitted to speak at this event.  I’ve really enjoyed the SQL Saturday events on campuses such as the ones I’ve attended at Baton Rouge on the LSU campus and Portalnd on the University of Portland campus.  The setting works really well for obvious reasons.

I’m presenting two sessions in Lincoln.  The first is titled Data Modeling Best Practice for Tabular Models and the second is Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting Solutions.  What’s really cool is that both of these sessions are previews of the two sessions I’m doing at the PASS Summit next month in November.  If your interested in learning more about one of the great new features of SQL Server 2012, then come to my Tabular Models session.  It will show you how to effectively make use of existing data sources in Tabular Models for your Business Intelligence solutions.  The Real-time DW session will show you how to use the rich feature set of SQL Server to get a real-time data warehouse running successfully.

Data Modeling Best Practices for Tabular Models

The new Tabular models in SQL Server 2012 give us a powerful analytic engine that is faster and easier to implement than traditional multi-dimensional cubes using Analysis Services. In this session, you’ll see how to develop analytic models using your existing data sources and learn best practices for preparing data so that it can be effectively used as a Tabular database. In addition to creating the model, you’ll see how to quickly add measures, hierarchies, and calculated columns to provide a rich user experience and how the model works with Excel and Power View.

Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting Solutions

In this demo-rich session, we will explore database and ETL architectures that let you smoothly move data from your application databases across the enterprise in real-time to your data warehouse. You will see how to use SQL Server features such as replication, Change Data Capture, SSIS, and other techniques to extract, transform, and load data fast and dependably. We will develop an actual sample system during the session and discuss and walk through alternative real-time architectures, including the use of Data Vault methodologies. We will then see how to use Reporting Services and Power View to present data with a minimum amount of latency.

SQL Saturday #144 – Sacramento, CA

Another SQL Saturday and I’ll be presenting this weekend on July 28 in Sacramento, California.  This promises to be a busy one as I heard several days ago that more than 300 people had registered.  The event has 4 tracks – BI, DBA, Development and Miscellaneous, and great speakers as has become customary for SQL Saturdays.

I have 2 sessions to do.  I’m presenting Fast-track to BI Analytics with SQL Server 2012 showing you a fast way to get a Business Intelligence framework up and running with SQL Server 2012.  If their are barriers to establishing BI technology in your organization, this session is a great way to see how you can overcome these obstacles using  new features introduced in SQL Server 2012 such as tabular models, columnstore indexing and analytic functions.

I’m also presenting Business Intelligence for Managers/Decisions Makers in the afternoon.  This session will help show you how to start and finish a BI project successfully, and will help you get your BI project on the right track if it’s gone off the rails.

See you there!

LA SQL UG and SQL Saturday in SAC this month

I’m going to be presenting at the LA SQL Server Users Group on the UCLA campus on July 19.  The meeting starts at 7pm and I”ll be talking about some of the new features in SQL Server 2012 that make implementing Business Intelligence solutions easier than it has been with prior versions.  Then next weekend on July 28 I’ll be in Sacramento for their inaugural SQL Saturday.  It promises to be a great event as they already have more than 300 people registered to attend.  I’m going to be presenting the same session at both events so I’ve got both ends of California covered, although the one for the LA SQL group will go into a few areas in more detail since I have more time there.

Fast-track to BI Analytics with SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 has lowered the barrier to Business Intelligence competency and in this session Carlos Bossy will focus on the features you can (and should) implement immediately. The new Analytic functions in T-SQL, Columnstore indexes, and the Tabular model are powerful additions to the tool set that will give your users the ability to analyze data in a faster, more effective manner. Each of these features is targeted at casual or beginning BI developers and DBAs who more familiar with traditional relational database models. You will leave this session with a good understanding of the next steps to take to get on the fast-track to BI and how to make the most of powerful reporting tools such as PowerView and Excel.