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Upcoming Events

October 27-30, 2015: PASS Summit, Seattle, WA

I’m presenting at the PASS Summit onference this year:  Use Hive and Hadoop to build a high performance Data Warehouse.

Past Events

May 7-9, 2014: PASS Business Analytics, San Jose, CA

I’m presenting at the PASS Business Analytics conference this year:  An Introduction to Predictive Modeling.

October 15-18, 2013: PASS Summit, North Carolina, NC

I’m presenting at the PASS Summit in Charlotte this year.  Predictiv Analytics: Letting the Data Decide.

November 6-9, 2012: PASS Summit, Seattle, WA

I’m presenting two sessions at the PASS Summit this year.  One is called Data Modeling Best Practices for Enterprise Tabular Models and the other Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting Solutions.

October 6, 2012: SQL Saturday #165, Lincoln, NE

I’m presenting two sessions for SQL Saturday at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  One is called Data Modeling Best Practices for Tabular Models and the other Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting Solutions.  Hope to see you there!

September 22, 2012: SQL Saturday #169, Denver, CO

I’m teaming up with Kevin Cox from the Microsoft SQL CAT team to do a presentation titled Big Data for the SQL Server DBA.  This will be a great introduction to Hadoop for those of you who have been wondering how it fits in with your SQL Server strategy.

September 19, 2012: Fort Worth SQL Server Users Group, Forth Worth, TX

This is a preview presentation that I’ll be doing for the PASS Summit in November titled Data Modeling Best Practices for Tabular Models.  It will cover how to create a Tabular model for data marts, report tables, and extracts.

September 18, 2012: TDWI Colorado Chapter, Englewood, CO

I’ll be presenting the session Pervasive Predictive Analytics to the TDWI Colorado Chapter.  The session will cover case studies and demonstrate how to create and use a predictive model.

August 25, 2012: SQL Saturday #125, Oklahoma City, OK

I’ll be in Oklahoma City demonstrating  how to create a real-time data warehouse in the session Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting.

July 28, 2012: SQL Saturday #144, Sacramento, CA

I’ll be in Sacramento to show to show how to use SQL Server 2012 to make it easier to implement BI in the session Fast-track to BI Analytics with SQL Server 2012.  I’ll also talk about the right way to run a BI project in Business Intelligence for Managers/Decision Makers.

July 19, 2012: LA SQL Users Group, Los Angeles, CA

I’m going to Los Angeles to talk about several important new features in SQL Server 2012 and how they can help you with BI.  The session is called Fast-track to BI Analytics with SQL Server 2012.

May 9-11, 2012: SQL Rally, Dallas, TX

I’m excited to say I was voted in by the community to speak at SQL Rally.  I’m covering Columnstore Indexes, one of the important new features in SQL Server 2012.

April 28, 2012: SQL Saturday #131 Phoenix, AZ

I’m going to Phoenix  for SQL Saturday to present 3 sessions, one of them a unique format where I debate Jeff Renz on the best data warehouse architecture:

Fast-track to BI Analytics with SQL Server 2012

The 2012 Data Warehouse Architecture Debate

Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting

March 24, 2012: SQL Saturday #120 Orange County

I’ll be in Huntington Beach to show to how to create a real-time DW in my session Real-time Data Warehouse and Reporting and the best way to use Tabular Models in Preparing Data for Analysis as Tabular Models.

March 3, 2012: SQL Saturday #109 Silicon Valley

My next SQL Saturday of 2012 is in the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View, CA.  I’m speaking on the new indexing feature in SQL Server 2012 and the session is titled Using Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012.

January 7, 2012: SQL Saturday #104, Colorado Springs, CO

My first SQL Saturday of 2012 is another return trip to Colorado Springs on January 7.  My session is Using Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012.

PASS Summit 2011, October 11-14

I will be presenting See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytics at the 2011 PASS Sumitt  in Seattle.  The date of my session is October 12 and the conference year goes from October 11-14.  I’ll updated this page when I know the exact data and time of my session.

I hope to see you there!

October 8, 2011: SQL Saturday #92, Portland, OR

I’m making a second return to a SQL Saturday this year, this time Portland, OR on October 8.  I’ll be presenting Real-time Data Warehousing and Reporting.  I’m looking forward to it as Arnie always puts together a good show.

September 15, 2011: Denver SQL Server Users Group

For my local users group I also did the session See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytic in front of about 50 people.  This is a great group and I count many members of the group as my good friends, and it’s always good to see them again.

September 10, 2011: SQL Saturday #94, Salt lake City, UT

Salt Lake City was a very friendly place for SQL Saturday and Pat Wright, Tjay Belt and the organizing committee did a great job putting it together.  My presentation:   See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytics.

August 6, 2011: SQL Saturday #64, Baton Rouge, LA

I went to Baton Rouge for the first time ever and presented two sessions, Business Intelligence for Managers/Decision Makers and Tuning a Star Schema for High Performance.  It was a good time and the food was great!

June 2: PASS BI Virtual Chapter

I’m presenting The Data Mining Lifecyle at 12pm MST for the PASS BI Virtual Chapter.  The good thing about this format is you can attend the session no matter where you are.  I provide a pragmatic real-world demo of data mining that shows you how to develop a model that you can embed in your database, reports and applications.  If you were at SQL Rally this won’t be the same session, even though the title is the same.

May 11-13 in Orlando, Florida: SQL Rally

I spoke at SQL Rally in Orlando, Florida which took place from May 11-13.  My session was The Data Mining Lifecycle where I showed how to iterate through the training/testing process when you create a predictive model.

April 9, 2011: SQL Saturday #73, Orange County, CA

I made a return to Huntington Beach, CA on April 9, 2011 and presented two sessions, Business Intelligence for Managers/Decision Makers and The Data Mining Lifecycle.  It was a good time to see friends I made from the prior year’s event.

March 5, 2011: Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta, Denver, CO

I spoke at the 3rd annual tech trifecta held in downtown Denver.  The Trifecta targets developers, DBAs, and Sys Admins who work with .NET, SQL Server and Windows.  For the developers I presented The .NET Developer meets Business Intelligence.  This was the first time I’ve spoken on BI for .NET people and I think it was a very good session that I’ll do again.  I also presented Business Intelligence for Managers/Decision Makers which I did for the first time.

February 12, 2011: SQL Saturday #66, Colorado Springs, CO

I presented A Data Mining Solution in Colorado Springs, CO where I showed people how I put together a real-world data mining solution by identifying a problem, gathering data, and training and testing the model until I met my target.

3 responses

  1. Hi Carlos,

    I’m attending SQL Saturday #201 in Orange County, CA on April 20, 2013 and I’ll be attending your Predictive Modelilng with SQL Server Data Mining session.

    Do you have slides for your presentation? I like to print them out ahead of time so I can take notes as you speak.


    Tim Knoob

    1. Hi Tim, I do have a slide deck I can try to get to you beforehand. This is a presentation I’ve done many times but I periodically change it and I will again this weekend, since I’m doing the presentation from slightly different angle. When It’s ready I’ll send it to you.

      1. Great. Thanks Carlos.

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